Post: Looking After Your Kid’s Primary Teeth

Looking After Your Kid’s Primary Teeth

Pediatric Dentistry

Your child’s teeth begin forming even before they are born and will start to erupt into the mouth from the age of six months onwards, although the timing can vary considerably from kid to kid. The first teeth to come through are the lower incisors, or the two lower front teeth and their arrival will soon be followed by the upper incisors or the two upper front teeth. By the time your kid is aged three they will probably have all twenty of their primary teeth.

Why Primary Teeth Matter

These primary teeth will begin to loosen around the age of six months, as the tooth roots are reabsorbed and the adult teeth get ready to push through. These teeth are only in place for a few short years, so does it really matter if they don’t get great dental care during this time?
This is a common misconception that we often come across here at the Eco Dental and it’s one we’d like to dispel. Your kid’s primary teeth are just as important as their adult teeth and ensuring they receive good dental care from a very young age can pay huge dividends later on down the line and can impact their dental health for life.

From Primary to Permanent Teeth

When a child’s primary teeth first start to come through, they’ll begin to find it easier to eat a greater range of foods. While it is fun to eat tasty foods, the ability to eat properly can greatly affect their development and a kid needs to receive a good range of nutrients so they can grow. They’ll also begin to talk and it is pretty tricky for an adult who knows how to talk to make themselves understood without teeth, let alone a small child who is still learning this life skill.

As your child gets older, they’ll begin to lose their primary teeth in preparation for their adult teeth. It is essential that the primary teeth remain in place until they are ready to fall out naturally as they help retain the correct amount of space for the adult teeth to emerge normally. If a tooth is lost too soon, then the teeth either side of it will begin to drift into the space left behind. This early tooth loss increases the chances of a child ending up with teeth that are overcrowded or twisted and which may require orthodontics to correct.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay

Children’s tooth decay is a real issue and can be painful and unpleasant for a young child to cope with. Good pediatric dental care in NY from one of our friendly dentists, for example Eco Dental NY, will help keep your kid’s teeth in great shape. We know it isn’t always easy to persuade a young child to have their teeth brushed, so please ask us for help and advice on how to clean their teeth with minimal stress to you both. We can also provide help and advice on the best toothpaste to use.

The really great thing about early dental care is that it will help your child to become used to visiting a dentist in Brooklyn. Many people have dental fears and phobias that can result in them failing to visit a dentist for years.